LETTERS: Same opinions; Midterm musings

Tired of the same opinions from the same people

Enough already with the same opinionated people. It’s obvious what their views are and you keep publishing their letters. Local talk radio is already biased enough and now your paper continues to publish the same opinions.

I for one, and I believe I’m in the local majority, don’t listen to the only local talk station, but I am seriously thinking about canceling my Monitor subscription too. Let Jake and his group pay for being such a big contributor.

Dan Martinez, Mission

Midterm musings

The upcoming midterm elections need to be examined carefully before we cast our vote on the future path of this country. As time rolls by we often forget past events and how we felt when they occurred. The recent events that took place at the Kavanaugh hearing certainly didn’t improve the Congress approval rating, which is in single digits.

The Democrats’ idea of mob rule will result in another Venezuela and socialism. Do we support the prem-ise that it is OK to confront someone we disagree with and get in their space, shout them down and tell them that they are not welcome? The Democrats will not only disagree with you, they will do anything to destroy you.

The Democrats state that the presumption of innocence applies only in a trial court. This concept is a pillar of our justice system. They would have you believe that an accusation, without any evidence or corroboration is sufficient to convict someone of a crime. Remember the Duke lacrosse team that was accused of sexual misconduct. It had no merit.

President Trump’s tax plan has supercharged the economy. More jobs are being created, unemployment is down to record numbers and food stamp requests are declining. Remember that the tax plan doubles the standard deduction and increases the Child Tax Credit, which results in more money in your pocket. No Democrats voted for the tax cuts. Schumer and Pelosi want to raise taxes and make changes.

I would make term limits for Congress, and if that wouldn’t pass have a mandatory retirement age for everyone who works for the federal government.

Eugene DeSutter, McAllen