LETTERS: Why Democrats won’t win; ‘Tyranny of the minority’

Why Democrats won’t win

Being born on a Native American reservation in Montana to a Native American mother and a white ranching father, the last thing I need is to be told what I can and cannot say because of political correctness. I also do not need to be told what I can eat or drink because of environmentalists.

I’ve watched liberals take away Montana’s number one base of employment, logging, because of a hooded owl. I’ve seen our reservation deteriorate because of drugs, not alcohol. I’ve read and watched as Native Americans struggle with suicide, incest, and rape among young girls and boys. Why? Because Democrats insist the best way to help us is to give us free health care, food, housing and commodities, leaving generation after generation of Native Americans with no incentive to look for work or leave the reservation.

The reservation as a culture continues to decline. The Democrat way really works, doesn’t it?

P.S. You publish Felipe Garcia Jr. and Jake Longoria and a few other letters every week. How about someone new?

Bill Rouillier, McAllen

‘Tyranny of the minority’

I guess short on facts letter writer Felipe Garcia Jr. of Edinburg wants another hot plate of crow to eat, so order up.

1. Elevator lady who yelled at Congressman Jeff Flake was Ana Maria Archila, who according is the co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy, a paid activist and protester.

2. You, not me, elevate President Trump to god status. You are the blasphemer. The only God I worship is my lord and savior Jesus Christ.

In short, Felipe, after I read your letter and came to the conclusion that you came up short on facts and all of your claims were more like your opinions, and that is OK with me just don’t pass them off as the truth, which they are far from.

You, Felipe, are a never Trumper who never accepted defeat, and I am a “deplorable” as labeled by the nominee of your party. We, the deplorable, are tired of people like you who make allegations, yet come up on the short side of the truth like Justice Kavanaugh accusers Ford, Ramirez and Swetnick — none of which could come up with a single credible witness to any of their accusations.

Now the same Democratic senators who opposed Justice Kavanaugh vow to impeach him and President Trump if Democrats win in November, and that, Felipe, is your version of “democracy in action,” which to me sounds more like the tyranny of the minority.

Jake Longoria, Mission