LETTERS: Equal protections for women

Equal protections for women

As a network of community-led organizations, the Equal Voice Network witnesses daily the strength, power and wisdom of women. We see women as key members of our leadership as they advocate for equity and fight on behalf of their families. We see women stand up for what is right on behalf of the more vulnerable, even as they themselves are often subjected to discrimination and dismissal.

In order to stop sexual violence, our country must refrain from the dismissal of survivors’ stories. It is our cultural and moral responsibility to believe survivors when they come forward and systems of justice must do everything in their power to seek out the truth.

We know that the passion and strength of women can not be contained, and that now that it has surfaced it will not be muted. We know that we strengthen in community, and to each woman who shared her story recently, to each woman who marched, to each woman who held a conversation with her husband, son or neighbor, we thank you. And now, as the fight continues we need you more than ever.

The processes of disrupting power norms can be slow and intentionally difficult. The systems we are working to overturn took centuries to install and will not be dismantled in a singular moment. We are calling everyone to the polls in November. We are asking you lift up your voice with us loudly and proudly when we say, “No more!” We vote for the equal protections of women! We deserve an equal voice in this discussion because we matter, our voices must be heard.

Michelle Serrano and Christina Patino Houle of the Equal Voice Network-RGV, Brownsville