Monday cold front to drop temperatures, bring rain

It’s time to turn off those air conditioners. The Rio Grande Valley’s first cold front of the fall season is coming on Monday and will drop temperatures by about 40 degrees in some parts of the Valley.

The cold front is the type that normally would be expected in late November, according to National Weather Service Brownsville. The cold snap will move in late Monday afternoon or evening and cause temperatures to drop to the upper 50s by Tuesday morning, Meteorologist Matthew Brady said.

Tuesday is expected to bring lows of 50 to 55 degrees and highs of 57 degrees for the ranchlands, while the coast temperature will be around 65 degrees, according to NWS. There’s a chance that temperatures could dip to lows of 45-50 degrees and highs of 53-57 degrees inland, though lows could stay at 55 degrees and highs could reach 60 degrees near the coast.

Those temperatures are forecast by NWS to hold steady through Wednesday. Wind chills could cause lows to fall to 38-42 degrees in the upper Valley and ranchlands through Tuesday, while the rest of the Valley could reach 42-46 degrees during the same time.

Brady said 1-2 inches of rain is forecast to arrive Monday following the cold front.

Occasional rain, drizzle, and some fog similar to what the Valley experienced in January will dominate the week behind the cold front. Rain will continue Tuesday and Wednesday with heavier downpours expected on Thursday and Friday, Brady said.

The cold front will effectively end the Texas Atlantic hurricane season, Warning Coordination Meteorologist Barry Goldsmith said.