LETTERS: Made a fool of; Words matter

Made a fool of…

Well, the Democrats in Washington have accomplished what living in the Rio Grande Valley all my life could never do. I have been a registered Democrat so I could vote for friends and family in local elections, but no more.

I looked up the Democratic Party platform and it consists mainly of socialist ideas and beliefs. I don’t agree to that at all and have been fooling myself for years!

Virginia Townsend, Mission

Words matter, especially during these times

These are not normal times.

The hearing of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who went on to be confirmed and sworn in as a Supreme Court justice, and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford about sexual assault allegations was a cliffhanger. I saw Dr. Ford conduct herself with respect, dignity and courage. In my opinion, judge Kavanaugh showed raw emotion and when questioned by Democratic Senators behaved inappropriate.

Hopefully this will bring an opportunity for daughters and sons to open a conversation with their moms and dads about crimes of sexual assault.

President Donald Trump’s mocking of Dr. Ford at a recent rally is appalling.

Words do matter.

Mary Martinez, McAllen