LETTERS: Valley treasure; What happened?

Enjoying a Valley treasure

When I find something really special, I always feel that I need to share it. My wife says it drives her nuts. After weeks of the Kavanaugh craziness, we were due for a break.

We always love visiting the Valley. You guys have a lot of great restaurants. We love the MOST museum and their numerous events. One thing really stood out though, the church service we attended on Sunday. Sometimes you just know the good Lord leads.

We found the most spiritual service at the First Methodist Church on University Drive in Edinburg. The sermon and the contemporary music was just what we needed — nothing overdone; very reassuring.

Thank you for sharing another treasure from the Valley.

Ray Fox, Victoria

What happened to, ‘When they go low we go high’

The Democratic Party under the cloak of the #MeToo movement recently launched a vicious attack on supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. This shameful act was well-orchestrated and straight out of the Democratic playbook. It destroyed the accuser and nearly cost Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh his seat on the court.

What happened to the Democratic slogan of the Obama-Clinton era, “when they go low we go high?” From the beginning Schumer, Pelosi and other Democrats were on record saying they would do whatever it took to derail the Kavanaugh nomination.

The attacks by Democrats also targeted senators who were on the fence by sending paid community organizers, like the woman who attacked Sen. Jeff Flake in the elevator. Fortunately the attempt was foiled by the truth, and the preponderance of evidence that disproved the accusations of Christine Blasey Ford, who could not remember the where and hows of an over 30-year-old encounter, which may or may not have taken place, nor could she produce anyone to corroborate her story.

I have no respect for the men and women who are without civility and shout down and disrespect congressmen and senators in the halls of the nation’s capital, airports and restaurants.

Sadly, this is how the Democratic Party now defines itself.

Jake Longoria, Mission