LETTERS: Beg to differ on professor’s commentary

Beg to differ on professor’s commentary

Civil rights attorney and professor Al Kauffman’s 1,400-plus word commentary Sunday can be summarized into one sentence: I believe he is saying that illegal aliens should have the same rights and representation as American citizens. I disagree. I think they should be deported. If the civil rights activist Cesar Chavez were alive today he would agree with me.

It appears that Kauffman doesn’t even know our own history. He said: “The U.S. Constitution in 1789 allocated seats in the House of Representatives to states based on the total population of each state. However, the number included only three-fifths of the number of slaves — an original sin embedded in the Constitution.” Keeping in mind we didn’t have an illegal alien problem in the beginning of our country.

The Democrat slave owners wanted all their slaves to be counted as whole persons. If that had been done the slave holding states would have had a congressional voting advantage over the non-slave owning states. The abolitionist states didn’t want slaves to be counted at all and they certainly believed slaves were human beings. So the Framers compromised for the time being in order to form the United States of America. It had nothing to do with slaves being “not a person” and “an original sin embedded in the Constitution.”

Kauffman is also wrong concerning firearms. He wrote an article in the San Antonio Express-News on April 7, 2018, titled: “Constitution doesn’t guarantee right to bear an AR-15.” The AR-15 is not a military assault weapon. It just looks like one. It operates exactly like your dad’s legal Remington 740 semi-automatic deer rifle, or Ruger’s legal 10/22 semi-automatic small game and plinking rifle.

With professors like Kaufman no wonder our children are so misinformed.

Darrell Williams Sr., McAllen