LETTERS: Hard of public hearing

Hard of public hearing

Our young city manager of Pharr is one of the three finalists for the identical Brownsville position. This geriatric citizen of Pharr with presbycusis wishes all citizens of Brownsville to know that the city manager appears also to be hard of hearing, that is … public hearing.

Our Pharr CPA, MBA is a practiced, proven master of all things budgetary, but please be aware that the one in the same person is a decided disaster for his, in my opinion, “Pharr” from legal denial of First, Fifth and 14th Amendment rights by the denial of every citizen of Pharr, especially the oldies and grumpies, appearing at the Planning and Zoning preliminary report, and especially at the city commission final report public (everyone) hearings after fulfilling the legally required six S’s. Namely show up, sign up, stand up, speak up, shut up and sit down.

I have been subjected to Nos. 5 and 6, skipping 1-4 since Oct. 24, 2016 at planning and zoning and subsequent city commission meetings. Google Pharr.life on VIMEO to witness this witless citizen being officially oppressed.

As we bid adieu to our Pharr city manager, perhaps the citizens of Brownsville should maybe prepare to say goodbye to their soon to be abridged constitutional rights!

All in my opinion, of course.

Dr. Kenneth “K.C.” Fletcher, Pharr