Primera police looking for suspects accused of using counterfeit bills

PRIMERA — Police Chief Manuel Treviño wants answers.

And he’s following the leads he has to get to the bottom of two suspects allegedly attempting to purchase snacks at a local convenience store with two counterfeit $20 bills.

Police said the couple darted out of the Mr. G’s store with the fake money after the clerk questioned the validity of the bills.

He said at this time there are no charges against the suspects.

The store surveillance video shows the two shopping and attempting to purchase small-priced items.

Trevino said the clerk could tell the paper didn’t feel right and the color of the money didn’t look right.

He said at around 9 p.m. on Aug. 30 the store clerk called police to report the crime and gave a description of the getaway car and license plate number.

“We have had no luck trying to find out who they are,” Trevino said. “We want to try to make contact with the vehicle owner.”

Trevino said questioning the vehicle owner, a McAllen resident, may help police identify the suspects.

But the vehicle owner has been out of town, he said.

“We want to speak to the couple,” Trevino said. “They might be targeting other small communities or are part of a larger crime organization,” Trevino said about the couple who took the evidence.

Trevino is alerting stores to beware of accepting counterfeit money.

He said sometimes $5, $10 and $20 bills are not going to be questioned.

“Invest in the pens and take the time to check the money no matter what denomination the bill is,” Trevino said. “Customers should also look out for accepting counterfeit bills.”