LETTERS: US-imposed sanctions

US-imposed sanctions on Iran, China, NKorea a bad idea

Just who is the United States to harm Iran in the name of regime change, and the same behavior toward Cuba and North Korea?

So, so cruel — with the burden of sanctions falling on regular people — in the illusion they will rise up against the rulers the United States disapproves.

Here’s hoping China, Russia the European Union, as well as Turkey, India, Pakistan, major African nations and Latin America defy the sanctions, and thus help the United States grow up in a complex world.

The danger of the United States circling its wagons, as President Donald Trump tries to appeal to his backers’ nativism.

Finally, too many elements of the United States’ media have fallen in line, declaring how evil Iran is; some independent reporting … hah!

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, Brownsville