A long-awaited feasibility study shows that the addition of a collegiate football program at UTRGV would meet significant community interest and fit the university’s goals for overall growth, albeit amid concerns regarding funding and Title IX implications for the athletics department.

The Monitor acquired the study, which was conducted by College Sports Solutions and has otherwise not been released publicly, from UTRGV through a public information request.

“Given the size of the university and its aspirational goals to be recognized as a Tier One research institution, CSS would recommend entry at the FBS level, which will require an invitation from an existing conference,” the report reads.

In the report’s executive summary, CSS concluded: “Despite the funding challenges, virtually every university constituent, as well as the surrounding communities, are in agreement that adding football would be a dramatic and positive step in raising awareness of the university, legitimizing the UTRGV athletics program and enhancing the school’s self-image.”