LETTERS: Environmentalists, Delgado’s trial

If environmentalists are right

Look around you. What you see will all be gone some day because the carbon dioxide that is being released today and in the future will mostly remain in the biosphere for millennia. As the level of CO2 increases, so too shall the rate of ice melting, and the ocean levels continue unabated.

So, what will the world of our descendants be like when most of the ice in the world has melted, Rio Grande City will be under water and Roma will be beachfront property. My alma maters, McHi and Pan Am (now UTRGV), will be under a hundred feet of waves.

Meanwhile, average temperatures will have increased to the point that Canadians will be raising citrus instead of timber and wheat and Central America will be largely uninhabitable.

Issues such as immigration, abortion, gun rights, sexual orientation and such will have all faded into nothingness as our distant descendants look back at us and wonder how we got it so wrong.

Roaney Giles, Austin


Delgado’s trial being pushed to 2019 is no surprise

So former state district judge Rodolfo “Rudy” Delgado got his trial moved to next year; ha … what a big surprise. Seems to me he knows all the loopholes to keep delaying justice.

Next his lawyers will ask for a dismissal because he did not get his right to a speedy trial. Looks like there’s a pattern here, if anyone cares to take a closer look at his shady past.

Amado Valdez, Weslaco