LETTERS: Project VOTE, Putin’s victory tour

Ask how Project VOTE initiatives are being implemented

Project VOTE — Voters of Tomorrow through Education — is an initiative through the office of the Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablos, stating that the Texas Election Code requires both public and private high school principals to “serve as deputy voter registrars.”

This is to be accomplished by providing official voter registration forms to each student who is 18 or will reach this age during the year. Although many school districts in the state are listed on the Secretary of State’s website as participants, it is everyone’s responsibility to support these types of initiatives by attending local school board meetings or making calls as to how they have been implemented.

Your vote is your voice.

Ricardo Cantu, Kingwood, Texas


Put on the ritz for Putin’s upcoming victory tour

I’m looking forward to Putin finally being properly acknowledged and welcomed by our president to the White House, as I’m sure Trump’s base agrees, along with most of our Republican Congress. 

After all, why shouldn’t the victor come see his new realm? He’s already personally thanked his mouthpiece, now let him inspect our White House.

Al Garcia, Palm Valley