LETTERS: Russia distraction welcome, border wall hoopla

Russia is ‘a welcomed distraction’

Tired of Russia? Tired of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin? I am.

They are not the hope for global peace and cooperation, power hungry men they are, millions be damned.

Be fair, though. There is an outside chance they’ll reduce global war chances, and maybe work to stop local conflicts.

Do they really need to spend billions on defense in the midst of their talks. Maybe. But the do-nothing United States Congress isn’t much better. Investigations, for what? To what purpose?

The 90 million Americans, eligible to vote who didn’t, enabled Trump to win the presidency. Simple as that.

Congress retains its decades of inaction, while domestic and global needs go unattended: healthcare; gender equality; education; the environment; world trade; regional cooperation; immigration; sustainable energy, agriculture, employment and more, such as term limit; race; campaign contributions; energy; infrastructure, water, climate change.

The Congress is so mired in Russia matters, and also constantly running for re-election that it merrily fiddles — and profits — while large and small fires burn, and threaten to worsen.

World and United States history run in cycles: selfish immediacy versus cooperation, and planning for a peaceful future; right now, as after the United Sates Civil War, then in much of the 1900s until the Depression, and finally checkered decades from Ronald Reagan to the present narrow thinking prevails.

Trump, Putin and Congress — and why not add many United States’ legislatures, including Texas’, are nasty examples of selfishness, the immediate over generations to come and blindness toward the disasters occurring daily.

Russia — a gift to Trump and the Congress, a welcomed distraction.

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, Brownsville


Border wall hoopla is counter-productive

Why all the Republican hoopla over a border wall? Undocumented immigrants come to do the jobs Americans (even Americans who are minorities) won’t do (because of such low wages) and these conservatives hate them for that.

Then, they turn right around and elect conservative and Republican politicians who immediately outsource those jobs to developing nations. What gives? The Trump Organization’s properties have posted 144 H2-B visa job openings all the meanwhile ranting about needing a border wall?

West Texas sheep operations use the H2-B visas to bring in shepherds from countries whose daily wages are $5.00 per day or less, as do some mid-western cattle operations (the “homeland” area).

Time to discern and judge properly, conservatives.

Ferdinando Garcia, Edinburg