LETTERS: LNG benefits, NFL kneeling

Community needs Rio Grande LNG’s economic benefits

We support the proposed Rio Grande LNG project because people in the Rio Grande Valley need the good-paying jobs that this proposed project will bring. An economic study by the Perryman Group shows that the project would bring thousands of jobs during construction and add a few hundred permanent jobs when the facility is operating.

A project like this will make a huge, positive difference in one of the poorest areas of Texas. These good-paying jobs will provide a better quality of life for families and create more business for many small businesses, such as for our restaurant, Mariscos De La Rosa.

We believe that the Rio Grande LNG project is safe for the community or we would not be supporting it.

We urge everyone to get behind this project as we have so that more Brownsville residents and businesses can benefit from the economic opportunities that Rio Grande LNG will provide for many years. Too much is at stake when it comes to our families, employees, customers, the community and our economy.

Rodolfo De La Rosa and Anahi De La Rosa, Brownsville


2 cents worth on NFL kneeling situation

I am not an NFL fan, but as the practice and regular season near, I will chime in on the players and the national anthem.

The players have peacefully called attention to numerous racial issues in the United States.

I wish more amateur and professional athletes would do the same: kneel during the anthem, and later, when asked, refer to some general and specific examples of racism that must be rectified.

No one would listen to me if I stood on a street corner to condemn racism, but if an NFL quarterback, wide receiver or lineman did — after kneeling in front of thousands in a stadium and millions at home, the words would receive attention — it would be considered a great service by a citizen athlete!

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, Brownsville