LETTERS: Gonzalez humbled, transparency, FBI musings

Valley representative finally ‘humbled’ himself

Well, finally Congressman Vicente Gonzalez humbled himself and sent President Trump a “thank you” letter for designating this area as a federal disaster area.

Said designation will qualify hundreds of Valley residents for federal assistance following the record flood we experienced last month.

Unfortunately, Congressman Filemon Vela did no such thing. The arrogance of this man continues unabated.

Guadalupe E. Aguirre, Edinburg


Be transparent while soliciting

Recently KRGV, one of our local media outlets, was soliciting donations for the victims of the recent floods. The efforts of Channel 5 are commendable but not really transparent as to the ultimate standards that Habitat for Humanity has established to disperse these funds. You must be of a low-income bracket and if you exceed this threshold, which Habitat for Humanity has established, you are not eligible for any aid from them.

So for example, should you be a single mother with two children, a schoolteacher, and if your house was severely damaged in the flooding, you would not be eligible for any economic assistance from the donations due to the fact that your income would exceed what the threshold is.

As to the source of this information, I obtained it via telephone from the local Habitat for Humanity.

KRGV has an obligation to the community to be completely forthcoming as to where the money collected is actually going, that it you would be deemed not eligible due to your income. If you are going to lead this effort, be fair to all the victims, not just a select group.

Patrick Q. Straub, Edinburg


Musings about the FBI

The FBI and other government agencies are in the news almost every day. I still remember when the FBI could not stop congratulating themselves when they brought down the dangerous Martha Stewart. We felt better when they locked her up. We hate liars.

It’s been reported that the law required her to strip and have a cavity search when the visitor left. It’s only fair that when officials get stripped of security clearance that they go through a cavity search before they are allowed to enter government buildings.

Heaven help the people who are hired to do cavity searches. Don’t tell a joke and for sure don’t let anyone know you enjoy the job. Spending all that time “where the sun don’t shine” and loving it can put a person in prison.

Clint Williams, Edcouch