LETTERS: unwanted animals, Valley brisket, what’s best for US

Speaking for the ‘unwanted’

I saw a report on the Palm Valley Animal Center from April 2018. I visited them three weeks ago at the admitting office. The stench of dead animals was overwhelming.

Until the over population of pets is under control or laws against people who abuse animals are enforced, a no-kill facility is worthless. It amazes me that the very people who fight to preserve the lives of “unwanted animals” have absolutely no problem supporting the killing of “unwanted human babies,” politicians who condone it and politically correct newspapers.

Linn Salinas, Lasara


An ode to Valley brisket

On my yearly trip to my holy land, Puerto Rico, I purposed to find the best brisket to take to my wonderful brother Robert. I included my daughter, Damaris and her husband Joe, in the quest.

I wanted something in the Mission and McAllen area just for convenience, so we started at Ace’s BBQ in Mission. I met the owner, Mr. Aguilar, and presented my challenge. He was very helpful. So we had some brisket from Ace’s and from 492 as our first testing. Then we went to Ramos BBQ in Edinburg. And last but not least was Lone Star Bar-B-Q in Mission.

The clear winner, in my opinion, was Ace’s. The other three were cut in very thin slices and slathered in sauce. Ace’s was cut in thick slices and the sauce was served separately. I chose mine moist and Damaris and Joe preferred it lean. But in the end, we all agreed that although they were all very good, Ace’s was the best.

I called Mr. Aguilar to set an appointment to go by to pay and officially place my order. He agreed to cook it the night before, so he could then slice it and wrap it and freeze it so I could take it with me on June 23, on my nine-hour trip.

As most of you will remember, on Thursday, June 21, we had a horrible storm system hit the Valley. I was stranded inside my home because my street in front and my alley in back were flooded. I had a 9 a.m. hair appointment for my trip, which I barely got to at 4 p.m., after the flooding receded.

I called Ace’s around 2 p.m., and got no answer. I called again at 7 p.m. and Mr. Aguilar answered the phone. I have to confess that all my concern was for my brisket. So I came straight to the point and asked, “What can you tell me about the brisket?” His answer was wonderful to hear. He said, “Ma’am, your brisket was the only thing cooked here today.”

I went to pick it up the next day in the afternoon. I had ordered an 8-pound brisket, and two big plastic containers of the sauce. I had no idea how much beef that entailed. Suffice it to say, I had to pay $75 for exceeding the 50-pound weight limit for one suitcase by 15 pounds. And let the record show, my clothes and stuff were in another suitcase. Thank God I was flying Southwest, which gave me two free suitcases. But I was also taking coleslaw, and Marie’s coleslaw dressing (my favorite). I also took some delicious pan de polvo from H-E-B.

I was really trying to give my brother and his family the whole Texas experience. The potatoes we could get over there. Everyone loved the brisket, especially my dear brother, which pleased me so much. Every bit of brisket was eaten, enjoyed and savored, as was the coleslaw and pan de polvo.

So, I am writing this as a testimonial to Ace’s and their delicious brisket.

Vanessa Suarez, Mission


Do what’s best for the nation

I am not a Trump supporter or a Democrat. I am an American who is extremely embarrassed by our president. It’s obvious to me, that the recent actions of our president are more of a threat to our national security than any illegal immigrant or any “unfair” trading.

His actions, his words, his tweets, his uneducated responses are the real threat to our national security. If the Congress we elected can’t or won’t do what is best for our nation, come election time we, as a nation, must use our right to vote and make the changes needed for our security and well-being.

Frances Mulder, Mission