LETTERS: Edinburg’s infrastructure held up during recent storms,

Edinburg’s infrastructure held up during recent storms

I would like to commend the city of Edinburg for its efforts in the downtown area near UTRGV during the recent rains and flooding. There was limited flooding due to existing zoning laws, which play an important part in estimating water run-off during heavy rains.

Also, accolades to the town’s municipal support services. Within a week of the rain, our area near Cenizo Park had been cleaned of branches and leaf litter and the flooding in the park had receded, so our community can now walk and play safely again.

Kudos to the mayor and the departments and staff of Edinburg!

Diane Teter,


Do not compare border separations to the Holocaust

There is a group of women here in the Valley trying to teach us about social justice and Jewish values. They are promoting propaganda about the children at the border.

This group likes to give themselves titles like M.D. and educational and communicational directors. These are titles that they don’t have. No degrees or special education to back their claim. These are also the same people that have no education about the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Any comparison of the Holocaust to the children of the border is unforgivable, especially coming from a Jewish group.

A lot of us are insulted and disgusted by it. This group does not speak for me or many Jewish families in the Valley. Education comes from reading, not screaming social justice to impress others. Being wealthy doesn’t mean you’re knowledgeable. I am not on Facebook or active on emails, yet I received this propaganda pamphlet with Hebrew letters in my home. This was done to impress me on their knowledge of Hebrew.

I don’t need a lesson on Jewish values or traditions. They don’t teach us to go to rallies, break windows, destroy property, and lie about our motives. This so-called social justice has nothing to do with the children at the border, it has to do with who the president is at this time. Next week they will be screaming again about the appointment of the Supreme Court justice and the children will be forgotten. That is their social justice.

We hear enough hate and ignorance in the rest of the country. We don’t need it here too.

Myriam Herszage,