LETTERS: Fixing schools, illegal firearms, fireworks, keeping families together

Fixing schools not needed; better decision-makers are

When a school is built on a floodplain, who is at fault?

You have an architect design it, school board members approve it, and a superintendent goes along with it.

Why fix it? So it can fail again.

You can’t fix judges or school board members. We need a higher and smarter grade of people.

Ken Freund, Mission


Police may be fueling illegal firearm ownership

Recently, I had three legally owned firearms seized by the McAllen Police Department. No crime had been committed, no charges were filed; they were taken as a matter of standard procedure.

Due to the bureaucracy and red tape of having them returned to me, less than 24 hours after having the weapons confiscated, I walked into a sporting goods store and repurchased the same firearms.

In the coming weeks, when the firearms are ordered to be returned, they will be sold at market value to individuals who may or may not be able to purchase firearms through proper legal channels. In my case, I was left with no choice but to temporarily replace my firearms, which will almost certainly lead to my returned firearms being sold to individuals who could not otherwise purchase them.

While the McAllen PD means well, they are in actuality facilitating the transfer of firearms to those who have no business possessing them.

End the red tape and bureaucracy, and help keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

Greg Rust, McAllen


Fireworks display a letdown

Pathetic — that’s all I can say about the disappointment that was the Fourth of July fireworks show in McAllen.

In 30 years of watching these fireworks, these were by far the worst. If you can’t afford to put on a good show, then don’t put one on.

Every Friday at the Island produces a better show. Whomever is responsible should be ashamed!

Tony DuCharme, McAllen


There’s no harm keeping families together

In the last year and a half, immigrants seeking to come to America for a better life have found only sadness and uneasiness. When they are caught by Border Patrol, they are taken to detention centers where they are processed and separated from their children who are traveling with them.

Some of the children are younger than 4 years old. This has left many wondering where their children have been taken and how they are doing. The number of children separated from their parents was reported at 2,300 last month. Many people believe that this is causing trauma to the children and their parents.

Furthermore, it is an inhumane way of treating immigrants. I believe that there is no harm in keeping parents with their children and processed together.

I understand that many think we are letting killers and drug dealers into our country. Many just come to improve their lives and take care of their family by being able to feed and provide a nice home for them.

Delia Solis, Weslaco