LETTERS: Make our world a safer place

Make our world a safer place

My dad joined the Army on Feb. 6, 1950, to pull himself out of poverty and get an education with the GI Bill. Halfway through his training, they received word on June 25, 1950 that North Korea had attacked South Korea. He was rushed through training as a medic and shipped to Korea in August, just short of his 20th birthday.

In a matter of months, my dad was in the front lines fighting to help keep the world safe. He used to say that his farm/ranching life in Starr County prepared him for the rigors of Army life and that the city boys had a more difficult time adjusting.

However, nothing can prepare you for the horrors of war and the icy conditions experienced at that time in Korea. History has taught us that our soldiers were ill-prepared for the weather and they were unaware that the Chinese were helping the North Koreans.

Dad, like many veterans, came back physically and mentally changed for life. Despite it all, dad used to say that he would never trade his experience or opportunity to protect his country and his family.

I wish dad was here to witness a possible peace treaty. I am praying that President Trump will finally bring closure to the Korean War and complete what dad and many others sacrificed their lives to do, make our world a safer place.

Ileana Vicinaiz, Palmhurst