LETTERS: Profanity about Trump, meeting with Kim Jong Un

Dems let profanity fly about Trump

The Democratic Party has such a classy group of supporters. Last night at the Tony Awards show, actor Robert Deniro went off script and let the f-bombs fly about Trump. The crowd all gave this a standing ovation.“How vile and disrespectful,” I thought, but then I remembered what others have said and done, with no reprimands or penalties for their conduct.

Recently, Samantha Bee called President Trump’s daughter a filthy name, Michelle Wolf’s remarks at theWhite House correspondents’ dinner and Kathy Griffin’s photo of her carrying the likeness of President Trump’s decapitated head. Even our own Congressman Filemon Vela to Republican presidential nominee Trump in an open letter said, “Mr. Trump, you’re a racist and you can take your border wall and shove it up you’re a–,” which garnered local as well as national attention.

In a way, I am glad all these people are letting their true feelings come out, and making those feelings known, they now own what they said and wrote and are now a matter of record for history to judge them and remember them as the voice of the Democratic Party.

Jake Longoria, Mission


Monitor should have shown Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un Tuesday’s front page shows The Monitor’s reporting bias.

The headline does not show an historic news item of Trump meeting with the North Korean leader, but, an article on a hysterical Beto O’Rourke campaigning.

We may be considered a rich country, but the taxpayers cannot afford to support all the poor people in the world.

The separated families are mostly women and children without anyway to support themselves.

They will always be a burden on our social welfare system.

We need people who will benefit our country not burden it.

Albert Normandy, Edinburg