LETTERS: role of community in PSJA proposal

Community, parents need voice heard over PSJA’s charter idea

I am a parent and a taxpayer in the PSJA ISD community. This district has been incredible when it comes to community outreach, communication to parents and providing programs to benefit our students. I love PSJA ISD and I feel that my children are receiving an outstanding education.

However, as a parent, I received no notice of the drastic change that Superintendent Daniel King is proposing. PSJA ISD does not belong to the board, the superintendent or the teachers.

It belongs to the community. Certainly, the teachers, school board and superintendent are all partners in our children’s education, but the community must always have a voice.

Why are we not being told directly about this plan or asked for our input? I found out through an essay in The Monitor. My experience is that the majority of parents don’t speak English as their first language. Where are they supposed to get their information?

There has been a glaring misstep in not reaching out to parents and community members. We are an extremely important piece of PSJA ISD.

With our involvement and support along with their teachers, we ensure the success of our children.

That is why I am concerned about a few disturbing things.

First, there is no number or email on PSJA ISD’s webpage to voice a concern to individual school board members.

Secondly, our school board does not allow public comments. Parents must have a way to communicate concerns to the board for situations just like this one. I have never heard of a school board that does not allow the public to speak.

It seems that parents and community members are being shut out entirely and that is simply wrong. I urge the school board to not move forward with this plan unless it can be completely vetted with parent and community input.

Priscilla Salinas, San Juan