LETTERS: On charter schools and Roseanne Barr

What’s the matter with charter school concept?

The objective of this proposal is to give poor performing schools a second chance, and to not be under the control of the American Federation of Teachers.

The teachers union has had a chance to help the performance of poor performing schools and has failed. Just maybe we may have some poor performing teachers in the mix, and the union makes sure they are not replaced.

But by the same token, if the performance is improved, the teachers remain in charge.

If the charter school concept works, as it has done throughout the country, parents would received a voucher to choose a good performing school, and the kids and parents win for a change. What is the matter with that?

M. Theodore Brown, Mission

Roseanne Barr tweet reminds of racism in the Valley

Roseanne Barr’s vulgar, racist tweet about a former Obama adviser who is African American is very much in tune with the Trump era and the racism it feeds.

The Valley has always had plenty of racism. It brings back memories hidden in the back of my mind to keep me from being overwhelmed by it.

My mom walking through a white neighborhood to go and care for my sister, who had just had a baby, and being thrown rocks by kids calling my mom a derogatory term disparaging Hispanics.

Planning our much anticipated senior trip to Bandera, Texas and being informed by their ranch that our only African American student couldn’t go with us because she was a black. Yes, racism is messy, and I have no hopes of it changing at all!

Mary Martinez, McAllen