New Era Ranchera: With release of ‘La Tequilera Vol. 1,’ RGV singer Gonzalez on her grind

Beatriz Gonzalez coins her style New Era Ranchera.

The artist recently released “La Tequilera Vol. 1,” a mariachi EP with Silent Giant Entertainment.

“Mariachi is where my heart is and my roots,” Gonzalez said. “Therefore I keep it traditional.”

Even if you’re not a fan of the genre, it’s likely you’ve already seen the Donna native perform. She was featured in a November 2017 video performing at Mi Tierra in San Antonio. The clip has more than 14 million views on social media.

“It definitely gave a significant push in my career via social media, by reaching a wider audience and introducing them to my music,” Gonzalez said. “At the moment, I’ve seen no downfalls for going viral. On the contrary, I’m using it as a platform to catapult my career.”

Gonzalez started singing as a toddler, and after high school began to produce her music independently. After reaching out to the label through Twitter, she signed with Los Angeles-based Silent Giant. Her label-mates include Baby Bash, Juan Gotti, Lala Romero, Pocos Pero Locos and ILL Mascaras.

Gonzalez said the experience has been surreal. “I grew up listening to these artists and they have inspired me in one way or another,” she said. “My first collaboration was with Frankie J, he is featured on one of my songs, ‘Enseñar Amar,’ which I got to perform live with him at one of his San Antonio shows. Working with artists of the caliber like Frankie J, Baby Bash, and Juan Gotti, which have inspired me creatively, has been a huge accomplishment in my career.”

Gonzalez is versatile, songwriting as well as performing urban tejano, rap and mariachi. Her first album features a Spanish version of No Doubt’s “Underneath it All,” a sound she calls her own.

“Rap is fun and I enjoy it,” Gonzalez said. “Now, where I can tell you the tradition and popular meet (is) in my ‘Aunque Sea Asi’ album. That is my very own personal sound.”

In addition to pursuing her dream of becoming “one of the greatest performers to ever live,” the five-foot vocal powerhouse can be heard daily on the radio — as the 11 a.m.-to-7 p.m. DJ on Ultra 104.9 FM. She’s been with the station for two years.

“They have been very supportive of my musical endeavors and very flexible with my busy schedule,” Gonzalez said. “I do enjoy the perks that come from being a radio personality.”

On the road, she is accompanied by a band of musicians which includes drummer JJ Mendoza, bassist Salvador “Chava” Chavez and guitarist Jesus Vargas, as well as Mariachi Azucenas.

To order “La Tequilera,” visit—la-tequilera-vol-1.html.

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