LETTERS: On the D.A., Holiday Parade and Donna ISD

Kudos to DA

Kudos to Hidalgo County District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez for bringing John Feit to trial. By keeping his word on bringing Feit to justice and convicting him for the murder of Irene Garza, Mr. Rodriguez has guaranteed his place in the judicial history of this county. Not only has Mr.

Rodriguez guaranteed his re-election in the upcoming elections of 2018, but for many years to come.

Now that Feit has been convicted, Irene may rest in peace. May God spare us from another such tragedy.

Guadalupe E. Aguirre, Edinburg

Holiday parade

My family and I were excited and looking forward to attending the McAllen Holiday Parade. Not only was La Doctora Ana Marie Polo with “Caso Cerrado” one of the attendees, but also various Tejano musical artists. Getting parking was frustrating, but we managed and we didn’t mind the distance.

The disappointment came when we finally got to the McAllen Veterans Memorial Stadium ticket booth. We were informed by the lady they only had three tickets available. These seats were scattered within the stadium. I told her, “I’m with my family; the purpose of this parade is to enjoy it with your family. We don’t want to be scattered.” I said it’s only 2:30 p.m. and asked how could it be that all tickets are sold? She said sorry but that’s the way it is. We didn’t know where to go. Fortunately, I told my ordeal to a McAllen police officer and he suggested I take

my family to Bicentennial Boulevard where they were selling seats for $7.00.

We were able to enjoy the parade there. Thirty five minutes later, I went back to ticket booth and now they had tickets available but they were selling them for $35. I spoke to a gentleman there and I asked why, when I came earlier, they didn’t have tickets and now they were available but more expensive? He said “one vendor returned their tickets and now they have tickets for sale.”

I believe there was an abuse of the public taking place by these individuals.

The City of McAllen and all its volunteers did an outstanding job bringing this event together. It’s unfortunate there are individuals out there taking advantage.

Erika Claire, Rio Grande City

Donna ISD

I would like to comment on the recent decision by the Donna ISD board of trustees to place the superintendent on administrative leave.

The decision, in my opinion, reflects a split between board members who want to restore some degree of integrity and fiscal responsibility to the district, and those who, along with the superintendent, want to continue spending district funds like drunken sailors on a Saturday night.

One would think that the last school board election would mark an end to the monkey business that has given the district a bad name. Unfortunately, it appears that at Donna ISD, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Ben Castillo, Harlingen