LETTERS: On STC student parking and abortion rights

Abortion rights

Since 1973, and Roe v. Wade, our country has been divided over abortion rights. The landmark Supreme Court decision allows women to have an abortion during the first trimester; says it can be done to protect the health and/or life of a pregnant woman.

Recently, a pregnant 17-year-old who is in this country illegally and was apprehended by Border Patrol near Brownsville, requested an abortion while in their custody. The federal government refused to allow the abortion. A lawsuit was filed and the case went back and forth among various courts. Last week, the girl got the abortion.

As a pro-lifer, I strongly disagree with abortion but respect the fact that a woman does have the legal right to one during the first trimester.

Silvestre Moreno Jr., Mercedes

STC student parking

Ever since South Texas College expanded we have had students parking in residential areas causing congestion, discomfort, and potentially accidents. The students park all along both sides of the street of our neighborhoods; even on the corners of the street making our street impassable. While we have contacted the City of McAllen, the two officers who arrived at the scene explained that our residential area is public property and therefore students can park wherever they wish. According to city ordinances, the city has the ability to limit and/or prevent unauthorized parking in areas where it would be hazardous for traffic. Not only does the congestion of our street devalue our properties, but it also jeopardizes our neighborhood’s access to emergency personnel. With the expansion of the Pecan campus, it appears the city granted the college additional parking for students right on Ivy Street; which has diminished from a spacious 2-way street to a pathetic excuse of a road. Literally to exit our street we must move our vehicle midway onto the road to turn into the street. This hazardous obstruction is an accident waiting to happen. We were never asked by the city for permission to designate parking spaces on Ivy Street and wonder if the city neglected to tell us since they might’ve righteously presumed the residents would vehemently object? Both the city and South Texas College need to address this hazardous situation, which affects the well being of their students as well as the residents of the City of McAllen. If the city’s goal is to ensure the safety and well being of all, as far as I’m concerned with regards to our neighborhood, they are being indisputably unsuccessful.

Cecilia Tamez, McAllen