South Padre Island attraction reopens after repairs

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — There are plenty of places to go and things to do on the Island.

But there is one spot people who are a little more adventurous should know about.

That’s the Queen Isabella Memorial Bridge Boardwalk, which has now reopened after repairs.

The city of South Padre Island recently announced that renovations to the Island attraction are complete.

Repairs were made to 24 pilings and guardrails, and new gates have been installed on the boardwalk.

It will be open during daylight hours and provide access over the Laguna Madre for fishing enthusiasts of all ages.

“The boardwalk connects the walking trail adjacent to Padre Boulevard,” said Brandon Hill, SPI shoreline director. “It also allows pedestrians to continue walking without crossing the roadway.”

Many people tour the boardwalk after taking photos at the Island welcoming sign. Visitors and residents make their way walking, or on bikes or golf carts.

The Queen Isabella Causeway Boardwalk was built in 1999 with a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation that included the monument sign and several bus stops in the immediate area.

Ongoing maintenance work is scheduled for repairs as needed.

The repairs were made at a cost of $16,000 that was approved by the City Council back in May 2016.