LETTERS: On Las Vegas killings, Hidalgo County elections for disabled voters and trapped cats

Valuing human lives

The tragedy in Las Vegas should not be made into a political commentary on gun laws and how to better restrict them. We can take guns away but we will always have the terrorist, the crazies, the unpredictable, the lone wolf who uses whatever is available to kill and destroy.

We need look no further than the Oklahoma City bomber. Unfortunately the proverbial genie is out of the bottle, and guns are part of the American culture for better or worse. Every day across the country over 50 people are killed with guns, and over 50 people are killed in automobile accidents, some of which are alcohol or drug related, and lastly over 50 unborn babies are aborted in our country every day. The American public is numb to the senseless deaths that come in the aforementioned forms, two of those three are unavoidable and one is not, and that should be the commentary, if we as a country truly value human life.

Jake Longoria, Mission

Terrorism in the heartland

The Las Vegas terrorist isn’t being called one because of one simple fact: He was not a Muslim. He killed 58 people, plus himself, and injured 489, yet he’s being referred to as just someone with mental illness and a lone wolf, not a terrorist.

This is not just about white privilege, it’s happening all over where the killers are not Muslims. Yes, hypocrisy and double standards are blatantly clear unless someone is so blinded. The Islamophobes and deceivers can do whatever they want in this world, but there will be no hiding in the next.

Sal Khan, McAllen

Hidalgo County elections questioned

As a parent of an adult with disabilities, and on behalf of the 20 percent of the general population with disabilities, I’d like to thank the U.S. Attorney’s Office for achieving successful results and reaching a settlement with Hidalgo County pertaining to accessibility and equality at the election polling sites.

Although I’m not certain as to why it took a lawsuit to get the Hidalgo County Elections Department to further comply with Section 63 of the Texas Elections Code — it is expected they should, and would have been compliant all along.

HB 658, sponsored by state Rep. R.D. “Bobby” Guerra, D-McAllen, which passed in May 2017, had separate provisions that benefit voters with disabilities specifically addressing accessibility to the polls.

Yvonne Rámon was appointed elections administrator for Hidalgo County in 2008. The fiscal 2018 budget approved last month, gives a generous $13,000 pay raise to Rámon that was approved by the Hidalgo County Commissioners Court. Perhaps it was for longevity, certainly it was not for merit, in my opinion.

Eduardo R. Estrada, Edinburg

Leave the trapped cats alone!

Recently I finally caught a feral male cat that I had been trying to trap for four months. We call this beautiful Siamese “Public Enemy No. 3” Nos. 1 and 2 have already been caught and dealt a severe penalty. I call my neighbor, The Cat Lady, and informed her I had the kitty in my trap. She said she would be right over to take him to her vet to be neutered. This would have been the seventh cat we have caught and eliminated from the feline gene pool. Much to our dismay, however, some do-gooder released No. 3 from the trap before The Cat Lady arrived. So if you see a cat in a trap on the cul de sac on Bluebird Lane, mind your own business and don’t set it free. You can only catch the little critters once. They are called dumb animals because they can’t speak, not because they are stupid. Once caught, a cat will never go in a trap again.

Tommy Phillips, McAllen