Tropical Storm Nate to have little impact on Rio Grande Valley

Although Tropical Storm Nate is heading toward the U.S. Gulf Coast it will have little to no impact on the Rio Grande Valley, officials said.

The only areas to be affected by Nate are coastal Cameron and Willacy counties, where minor coastal flooding, high surf and rip currents will occur today and most likely throughout the weekend, said Tim Speece, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Brownsville.

“There could be some minor coastal flooding because we could have some of the swell activities. The seas get agitated, get built up around Nate because of the wind and they start migrating West toward the Texas coastline,” Speece said.

The coastal areas will experience significant run up of the surf on area beaches with flooding occurring during the high tides.

Officials said Nate won’t bring any rainfall to the Valley because the storm is too far east of the RGV.

“The fact that it is way out in the Central Gulf and North Central Gulf…it’s really just going to be the beach effects from it,” Speece said.

Individuals heading out to the beaches should take extra precautions and abide by posted warning signs.

“If you are going out during the high tide there is not going to be very calm conditions out there,” Speece said, adding people heading out to the beach this weekend may want to reconsider their plans.