Fourth suspect arrested in RGC teen’s murder case

A fourth suspect has been arrested in connection with a 17-year-old’s murder over the summer, the office of Starr County District Attorney Omar Escobar announced via its Facebook page Friday morning.

Escobar’s office confirmed the arrest of Salvador Martinez, 18, by the Texas Rangers on Thursday.

Martinez has subsequently been charged with tampering with evidence and tampering with a corpse, charges which stem from an ongoing investigation into the disappearance and murder of Chayse Olivarez, 17, of Rio Grande City.

Reported missing on July 30, Olivarez’s remains were found in August. A preliminary autopsy report also indicated the cause of death to be by gunshot wound.

In addition to the Texas Rangers and DA’s office, agencies involved in the case include the Rio Grande City Police Department, the Starr County Special Crimes Unit, the Starr County Sheriff’s Office and the County Attorney’s office.

Jose Luis Garcia Jr., 17, was arrested Aug. 11 for capital murder in connection with the case. Two unidentified juveniles, both 16 years old, have also been arrested — one for murder and the other on lesser charges, including tampering with evidence and failure to report a felony.

According to Escobar, the crime may have stemmed from a personal conflict between the victim and suspects.

“What may have been behind this was something that appears to have been deeply personal,” Escobar said in August. “It is not something that we can see as part of a pattern so it’s not going to be part of some larger, organized criminal activity. From what we can tell, all the indications is that this was something between the defendant and the victim in this case.”

The district attorney has declined to comment on the nature of Olivarez’s relationship with the suspects.

The number of gunshot wounds Olivarez sustained also remains unclear.