Car crashes into Harlingen townhome

HARLINGEN — Andrea Escobar was sitting comfortably in her home studying yesterday morning when the unthinkable happened.

A car crashed into her living room and came to a stop just feet from her. Actually, the table she was sitting at was hit by the car and pushed into her knee, causing a minor red mark.

As she pulled up the pant leg to reveal her right knee, she rubbed it and said, the mark is already gone.

She knew she was lucky.

“I was just sitting at the table doing my thing and I felt it,” she said while standing outside her home watching as the crushed car was being loaded onto a flatbed truck for removal.

“It was scary. I had no idea at first what it was. I thought it was thunder or something and then I saw the smoke and the car. Inside, it is bad.”

The crash happened about 10:47 a.m. at the Treasure Hills Townhomes located at the corner of Ed Carey and South 25th Street.

A neighbor a few doors down said she heard the commotion, but thought it was just thunder from lightening so close it shook the house. Then she went outside and realized what it really was.

“I thought we were just going to have more rain,” she said.

Escobar herself said she felt badly for the two people in the car. She said the driver was bleeding and the passenger had to climb through the driver area in order to escape.

Police said a Chevy passenger car was traveling south on Ed Carey Drive, failed to yield the right of way and tried to turn left onto 25th Street and struck a Dodge passenger car traveling north on Ed Carey.

The Chevy driver lost control and crashed into the building, police said.

The driver and passenger were transported for minor injuries.

Harlingen police are investigating.

Traffic remained tied up in the area for about an hour after the incident.

One thing was evident at the accident scene — everyone was relieved nobody appeared to suffer severe injuries.

As water blasted straight up into the air from a broken pipe in the building caused by the crash, Escobar held her brown Chihuahua and stared at the damage revealed when the car was removed.

“Oh my God, a car just went through the wall,” she said. “I can’t believe it.”