LETTERS: On tax cuts for rich and more Sunday coupons

No tax cuts for the very rich

With racial issues, war threats, Hurricane Harvey and immigration matters dominating the news, President Donald Trump and the Republicans are moving to give the rich and corporations a huge tax cut.

Bad move if Congress goes along with this action.

The federal government needs money — a lot of it — for numerous projects, and the tax proposal will not provide it.

Vital needs:

>> Failed military ships and planes.

>> An underfunded Coast Guard.

>> A healthcare debacle that only a single-payer plan will fix.

>> Disaster relief, and flood insurance programs.

>> Veterans Administration funding.

>> Environmental clean-ups, and renewable energy development.

>> Creative public education opportunities at all levels.

>> Arts funding.

>> State Department peace efforts.

Readers can certainly provide other federal-assistance programs that must be increased, not reduced.

The president and his Senate and House backers, all lobbied by the richest of the rich, have little concern for the nation’s well-being.

They are confident that the private sector, via the tax breaks, will invest in the nation’s good.

Believe it? I don’t.

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky,


More Sunday coupons please

What happened to all the coupon inserts in Sunday’s paper? After all the big ads and then nothing.

Shirley Earp, Mission