LETTERS: On taking a knee, Hidalgo County budget and aid for Puerto Rico

When to ‘take a knee’

I’ll “Take A Knee,” for the reason stated in Wednesday’s political cartoon. Even if you replace Puerto Rico with Houston, Florida, or many of the islands effected by the hurricanes.

I’ll not take a knee, however, to protest the flag, National Anthem or any type of so-called supremacy or privilege. Do you call it “white privilege” in China, Japan, Mexico or in predominantly black nations? It is my opinion, there are no one ethnicity, race, creed, or whatever that is supreme or privileged. All humans should have equal rights and responsibilities.

Auston Cron, Alamo


If you examine our nation’s recent and not too recent history, you will see that our families took courageous action against our own country’s inhumane treatment of some of its citizens. The abolition of slavery, farm worker rights, and voting privileges for all citizens was realized by the advocacy of a few brave souls who against probability, disobediently broke the silence of injustice. Shame on those of us who stand on the sideline, criticizing and yet expecting social justice progress.

Richard Treviño Jr., McAllen

Hidalgo Co. Budget scrutiny

I appreciated The Monitor’s editorial advice on Thursday that “Public should review county’s fiscal 2018 budget.” I also wish that “The Monitor would print the county’s FY2018 budget” before approval.

Ned Sheats, Mission

EDITOR’S NOTE: The county’s budget was 650 pages. It is available online.

Help needed for Puerto Rico

As I type this, Puerto Rico is almost entirely devoid of electricity, half of the residents don’t have running water, and recovery from Hurricane Maria is projected to take months. This was a Harvey-level storm that devastated the island.

Most people don’t realize that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, and that the islanders are U.S. citizens. I say this not to elicit more sympathy for them, but to point out how it’s our responsibility to help them recover. A week after Maria, things are still looking bleak. It’s easy to forget about Puerto Rico in light of damages suffered by hurricanes in Florida and Houston, the earthquakes in Mexico, and the still recovering communities in our own backyards, but we must remember that Puerto Ricans need the aid that they pay taxes for.

This year has been an incredible year for environmental damage, and as Texans, this is absolutely personal to us. We have to make sure that we are helping people who need it, and to prepare for when the next Harvey hits.

Please call your representatives, including U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz at (202) 224-5922, and John Cornyn (202) 224-2934, and ask them to make sure that the full weight of FEMA is helping Puerto Rico — including suspension of the Jones Act, like was done for Texas and Florida. And also ensure there is full funding the EPA so we can assess threats in the future. Please call them as they are responsible for the lives of all Americans, and we need to help Puerto Rico as they more than deserve to be.

Jordan Navarro, Santa Rosa, Texas