La Joya ER’s funding delays stall construction

LA JOYA — Just behind the construction site of the new city hall, where dirt movers are currently at work to complete the long-awaited project, the future home of a freestanding emergency room sits quietly with only its foundation erected thus far.

The ER construction’s delays have lasted months and are the result of funding setbacks, according to Ron Rock, managing partner for the job’s contractor, Texas Er Properties.

Although Rock has not identified the circumstances surrounding the financing issues, he has assured that it’s been resolved with the two individual investors funding the project.

“They are committed, it’s just a matter of getting them all in place and then moving on,” he said. “It’s just now a matter of getting it all done and going back to construction.”

The project is expected to take another six months to complete, according to Rock.

The facility is being constructed on 1.5 acres of land that was donated by the city.

During a groundbreaking ceremony for the city hall project, city officials spoke excitedly about plans for the ER.

On Thursday, City Manager Mike Alaniz said he didn’t know the cause for the clinic’s delays but said he expected to meet with Rock next week on the matter.

“We’re, of course, a little concerned but we want to meet with them on Wednesday to see exactly what the timeline is,” Alaniz said. “The construction for the city hall just started; it’d be nice if they could go back-to-back.”

Still, Alaniz said he was confident the project would be completed.

“I’m just hoping that it’s sooner than expected because they were supposed to, if I recall, start somewhere in February or March, and it’s already a few months delayed,” Alaniz said, adding, “so we definitely want to get to the bottom of it and find out exactly where they’re at.”