LETTERS: On LNG and Trump

LNG concerns for RGV

A couple of years ago when the LNG industry first proposed their facilities for the Brownsville port, I along with many others objected strenuously on the basis of internal and public safety, environmental impact and financial impact on the tourist industry. It appears, however according to a Sept. 10 article in The Monitor, that industry in the USA has come up with several more reasons not to rush to sell our natural resources to other countries and that such offshore sales will raise the domestic price. I’ll be glad to let them fight that to a conclusion.

However, Houston’s recent attack by hurricane Harvey has produced an additional safety concern. Even though the Arkema Chemical plant was 42 miles from the Gulf; Harvey resulted in its loosing its commercial power and then all of its internal emergency power. This resulted in a loss of refrigeration of its chemicals then a fire and explosion that sent first responders, stationed 1.5 miles away, to the hospital.

What if the proposed Brownsville LNG facilities, located a mere 1.5 miles from the Gulf, had its power knocked out by a hurricane’s direct hit, high winds, rain or storm surge? It’s been made clear by all sides that liquefied natural gas must be kept cold, not just cool. The result would be horrendous.

Again, are the few permanent jobs and a few dollars for the politician’s pockets enough to outweigh the safety, environmental and financial effects on local residents and businesses? I think not!

I’d also like to remind Albert Normandy that even though The Monitor’s opinion in the past has appeared to support LNG in the Rio Grande Valley, it did print the other side of the story. I hope that partially allies his fear of “biased news”.

Ned Sheats, Mission

The media and Trump

It never ceases to amuse me how President Donald Trump, plays the out of control “see it my way” media like a virtuoso plays a musical instrument. The media and Trump opponents wait with baited breath on every tweet, so that they can dissect and interpret it. It reminds me of the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin. President Trump is the piper and the story you recall, had the piper rid the city of all the rats. How poetic.

Jake Longoria, Mission