LETTERS: On ‘fake news’ and supporting Trump

I would like to thank Ned Sheats for his reply to my previous letter in his Friday letter. He makes a lot of good points. He is correct that I am bias; we all are to some extent. I might suggest to him that bias can be shown not only in what we say and write, but, in what we don’t say or write. An example of The Monitor bias is in its reporting of the immigrant mothers and children from South America who are flooding our border and crossing illegally.

There’s been a lot of sympathetic reporting on their plight, but little or no reporting on the huge cost to taxpayers, the cost of welfare, the extra cost for schooling and health care.

It’s been said many times that the United States can not be the world’s policeman. It’s also true that the United States can’t be the world’s savior. The Monitor should strive to be more balanced in its reporting. It’s true there are two sides to most stories.

Albert Normandy, Edinburg


I am not surprised by Manolo Garibay’s recent factless retort to my letter supporting President

Donald Trump. He spouts all the sound bites from the “Democratic Playbook.” He claims our erratic and reckless president will steer our country out of control.

Here are the facts: Our economy is growing; unemployment is at a 10-year low; the stock market is also reaching new records.

This is because when President Barack Obama went to Europe to appease their leaders, he sold out the American worker; he gave concessions that had a negative impact on our economy. The British realized this and exited the European Union.

Obama never passed legislation to improve the immigration issue; he made troop movements and withdrawal plans public (even to the Taliban.) He left the hot potato of North Korea unresolved for Trump to inherit. Obama’s greatest accomplishment was the Affordable Care Act, which became anything but affordable when premiums doubled and tripled.

Jake Longoria, Mission