LETTERS: Debating climate change effects

According to Paul Vazaldua’s recent letter, climate change (now called global warming) and fossil fuels are responsible for not only Hurricane Harvey, but also for Sandy and Katrina, too. Obviously Mr. Vazaldua has drank way too much of Al Gores’ Kool-Aid. He wrote “The connection between climate change and Harvey’s impact is irrefutable.” Well, there are only two things in this world that are irrefutable: death and taxes. If global warming is a result of mans’ activities, then what was it that man was doing that warmed the Earth at the last Ice Age? It was not fossil fuels.

It has been reported that if the entire world stopped using fossil fuels right now, that the average temperature of the planet “may” decrease by one-tenth of 1 percent in 100 years.

No one denies that our climate changes. It has changed many times over a million years. But I do not believe that man has the ability to orchestrate climate in any way. What if the climate was too cold? How would we warm it up? We can’t. Eliminating fossil fuels will make no difference whatsoever. The whole thing is a hoax started by Gore, I believe.

Mike Sammons, McAllen


Many people are being fooled by the climate change policies promoted by liberal advocates to bilk billions of dollars from taxpayers. Most climate change advocates ignore the most prominent of the green house gases, water vapor.

Volcanoes expend more green house gases than living organisms including man’s use of fossil fuels. The so-called green energy solutions are not as green as proponents would have you believe. Wind and solar energy require processes that can be just as polluting.

In the past 50 years, the western fossil fuel industry has reduced dangerous green house gases by over 90 percent. I do not deny that in certain places fossil fuels are over used or misused (like India.) But the technology is there to reduce emissions. Also, the deforestation of the rain forests of South America and Africa are just as much to blame.

Man can do a better job of managing our planets resources than they are doing, but do not say it is climate change!

Auston Cron, Alamo