LETTERS: On DACA, fake news and Comfort House


It has become very common for people to use letters as an abbreviated way to refer to an idea or slogan. Recently in a President Donald Trump tweet, he ended it with MAGA. At first I wasn’t sure what he meant. I figure his reference meant Make America Great Again. But increasingly I have come to believe that President Donald Trump and his hard core base mean MAWA (Make America White Again).

Tuesday’s announcement by the Justice Department (clearly at the behest of the president) to rescind DACA, coming after his moral equivalency remarks on the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and preceded by his Muslim ban, have convinced me that President Trump is actually trying to Make America White Again.

Congress must take immediate action to permanently protect these incredible young people. America is its most prosperous and strongest when we make our communities the kind of places where everyone can thrive, contribute, and help build our nation.

David Jackson, Edinburg

Fake vs ‘real’ news

Kelley Shannon’s commentary Tuesday, “Transparency in government leads to real news for all,” was very good. Where she goes off track, however, is when she blames all fake news on social media. I believe all media resort to fake news; the left does it and the right does it. I think the right is a little better at labeling theirs as opinion. The Monitor does not like the idea of a border wall, this comes through clearly on the front page as well as the Opinion page. The Monitor appears to be on the side of illegal immigrants and this comes through clearly on the front page as well as the Opinion page. The front page should be for news not opinion. Your bias is showing and I don’t believe this professional journalism.

Albert Normandy, Edinburg

An ‘altruistic’ gesture

Veronica Whitacre, resigned has Comfort House director, a position considered a conflict of interest, as she is also a city commissioner and as such, Comfort House could receive no federal funds. It also was in jeopardy of receiving no city funds. She altruistically relinqished her directorship in order for this hospice facility to receive much-needed monies for this worthwhile community establishment. I have been a volunteer with Comfort House since it opened in 1989. It is a wonderful place where terminally ill patients receive excellent care. I have a problem understanding the City of McAllen’s priorities. Many knew there was a potential conflict when Ms. Whitacre was hired at Comfort House. I recall the city paying an undisclosed amount of money to Enrique Iglesais to perform a Christmas concert here. We will never know how much was spent on him. I know these are diferent, but both use taxpayer money. Isn’t the Comfort House operation more important than a Christmastime entertainer? Don’t we as taxpayers have a right to know how our money was spent? I hope the city will continue to support Comfort House; it has served so many including my mother and brother.

Rosalinda Torline, McAllen