LETTERS: Opposing a border wall and being prepared

Oppose a border wall

I saw the chilling play “Building the Wall,” depicting the possible consequences of the extension of the current immigration policies. Bottomline: Without resistance, this horrific condition could come to pass. So, I resist by donating to the Southern Poverty Law Center and to opposition candidates and by writing letters to the editor. I also encourage friends and family to resist. It hasn’t even occurred to some.

From the playwright, “If we don’t pay attention, the unimaginable can become the inevitable. Is that our future? Sickened by hate, by the constant numbing assault, will we succumb to our fears, normalize what is abnormal and look after our own interests? Or will we resist? To those who insist this could never happen here, I reply, maybe so: but that, of course, will depend entirely on what you do.”

Martha Rogers, Austin

Be prepared

Hurricane Harvey has reminded us that disasters can change our lives and communities in an instant. Knowing what to do when disaster strikes can be a matter of survival for you and your family. President Donald Trump has proclaimed September 2017 as National Preparedness Month, and I encourage all Americans to participate. This year’s theme: “Disasters don’t plan ahead. You can.” Everyone’s preparedness plans are different, based on where you live, what kind of disasters are likely to affect you, and the care your family may need. Disasters can be overwhelming but don’t wait until it’s too late to ask yourself hard questions and come up with good answers. Visit Ready.gov to help create an emergency plan that fits your family. Practice the plan. When disaster strikes, you may only have a few minutes to react, so make sure everyone knows what to do and where to go. You can’t replace your loved ones. But you can help keep them safe by planning ahead. Ready.gov is a great place to start.”

DHS Acting Secretary Elaine Duke