Coach’s Corner: Don’t let vacation hamper your training


So what happens when you have to go out of town, for business, weddings, stuffing your face full of turkey or a plain trip just for the heck of it?

Well my first advice would be to try to get your most important runs in before you leave town. A good example is the long run, the one we all love and we would hate to miss. You can always try to get that one in on a Thursday morning if your leave on Friday. Or wake up a bit earlier and get your run done before you head out. It’s important that you try not to stack up your hardest runs on consecutive days. Like doing hard intervals on Tuesday and your long run on Wednesday.

Second, download the Strava app or use the online version and look-up running segments, try to find the most popular routes and where locals most usually run! As we mentioned earlier, discovering new places is one of the most exciting pleasures of running!

Third would be to look up on google the local running stores in town and call them up to find out what events or group runs are happening during your stay. Join them and be surprised by how welcoming runners are! I’ve met incredible people from all over that have joined one of our weekly runs!

Never pack your running shoes in your checked baggage! You never know when a delayed flight can be the perfect excuse to run in a new city. I’ve even gotten good runs in an airport.

And last but not least: if all else fails use the treadmill in your hotel. Remember that in endurance sports 30 minutes a day is better than nothing. We build up fitness and endurance slowly but we can loose it quickly in a few weeks of inactivity. So make sure to plan your runs in advance when you’re out of town! Remember to smile and enjoy the new places that running will reveal! (I just sounded like a fortune cookie!)