LETTERS: On Sen. Cruz’ 4th of July visit and Trump’s foreign affairs

Cruz controversy

In my opinion, before the mayor of McAllen, representing the largest city in Hidalgo County, invites someone to represent Democracy in a Fourth of July parade; he should have first considered if the person he invites represents the values, judgments and political beliefs of the area’s majority. Or, has the mayor taken it upon himself to represent the beliefs of nearly 800,000 citizens? U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, being the embodiment of the Conservative Republican Tea Party is not that person.

Since I don’t care to state my personal disgust for this person any further; I will provide several quotes from his mouth and an example of an un-American Senate Bill he authored. You draw your own conclusion about Mayor Jim Darling’s decision:

>> “The simple and undeniable fact is the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats and the reason Democrats are soft on crime, is that convicted felons tend to vote Democratic.”

>> “Walls work. Countries all over the world have walls on their borders.”

We saw that intolerance and meanness during the Republican primary for the Senate seat last year, when Cruz attacked one of his opponents, Tom Leppert, for walking with his constituents in gay pride parades when he was mayor of Dallas. At that time Cruz stated, “When the mayor of a city chooses twice to march in a parade celebrating gay pride, that’s a statement. It is not a statement I believe in.”

Think about it Mayor Darling: Should he be in any parade in the Rio Grande Valley? I think not.

Ned Sheats,


Saudi prince meeting

In the June 22 Monitor, the pictures of the Saudi Arabian crown prince with Presidents Putin and Trump says a very meaningful outcome of their visits. I wonder if the look on President Donald Trump’s face says he may have sold them $100 billion of planes but got shafted. President Vladmiri Putin looks like he got everything he wanted from the Saudis.

Sadly, I believe America is being taken advantage of.

Bill Williams,