LETTERS: On Cruz’ July 4 McAllen visit; GOP healthcare plan and Edinburg parks

Cruz’ July 4 visit

I am surprised and highly disappointed Sen. Ted Cruz was asked to participate in McAllen’s Fourth of July Parade. In my judgment, Sen. Cruz has shown very little in common with most folks in the Valley or the City of McAllen, and in fact has done less, with respect to what is best overall for them or our area. Why was he invited? Because he’s a senator? So what? He was elected, I believe, primarily to the gerrymandering of districts and voter suppression throughout Texas by the GOP. Gerrymandering and suppression that has repeatedly been stalled and rejected in the courts, by the way. Consistently, on issues important to our state, Cruz has railed and voted against positive outcomes. He panders to the extreme base that snuck him into office, and nothing more — not for the best interests of the nation, state or region. His own GOP colleagues ain’t rushing to nominate him for any ‘Rotarian of The Year’ awards. So again, why is he here? And who invited him?

Or is this a photo-op leading up to a 2018 re-election campaign? Is he coming to burnish his ‘Hispanic bonafides?’

What were McAllen Mayor Jim Darling and the city administration thinking? If they’re going to be inviting politicians here based on office then they should go big time and not mess around. Invite Vladimir Putin to come over and grace our RGV. This is such a farce and a charade!

Luis Muñoz, McAllen

Opposing GOP plan

The GOP’s healthcare bill omitted an important tax credit for veterans not receiving health care from the VA. Of the 24 million Americans who would lose coverage under Trumpcare, many would be veterans — creating an additional burden for the VA. Under the proposed plan, veterans would also lose services such as mental health and substance abuse care, since states would now be able to deem those services “non-essential.” The Paralyzed Veterans of America reject Trumpcare, as does Will Fischer, an Iraq war veteran who heads governmental relations at VoteVets. If you agree, contact both of your senators today.

Georgia Keysor, Austin

To future memories at Edinburg parks

This letter is in response to the June 14 letter in The Monitor from Diane Teter, of Edinburg, “Protecting Cenizo Park in Edinburg”

Thank you Mrs. Teter for your letter and your passion for ensuring the Cenizo Park neighborhood remains safe for area residents, pedestrians and cyclists. When I first got elected to the Edinburg City Council, it was one of my goals to make improvements to Cenizo Park and West Park, which included adding bathroom facilities. Having grown up in that area, those two parks were vital to my everyday life. I have so many great memories playing basketball with my friends at those two parks. I believe that all children should have the same opportunity to enjoy the city parks the way I did.

Our city parks should be a point of pride for our city and more importantly should be available to families for recreation, fitness or your afternoon family barbecue. Rest assured that I will continue to support improvements of our parks.

I am proud to have spearheaded the upcoming Eisenhower Park, which will be located on the east side of town. This much needed park will be the first new Edinburg park in 11 years. Thank you again for your input and your role on improving the quality of life in Edinburg.

Richard Molina, Council Member Place 1, City of Edinburg