She paints her smile

Sticky, sweet, crimson red

The Mask, she slowly puts on….

The World she lives in, reflection of a Masquerade Ball

Courting crystal, music and lights

Pastries, wine, kissing and taboo delights

Crowded room, she feels alone in his arms

He will never care for her, want her, love the real her

His vision is blinded of the beauty of the immaculate soul inside

Only I can see her light

Her eyes open, pierce the room, like a hawk searching for her prey

Where is her prince?

I hide behind the mask, lost amongst the lost souls in this joyful room

Patiently waiting for you to be by my side

I am your gentleman caller, the brave scholar

The romantic jester, the powerful experimenter

Seven lovers rolled into one, I am the Moon to your Sun

The minutes seem like hours, torturous beautiful pain

I patiently wait until our eyes meet across the room

Push him away, push through the dancing illusions, push away your fears

I see her give me a smile as she runs through the open door

I follow her, leaving the masquerade of lies behind

The pale moonlight caresses her skin

Drops of life fall from heaven, baptized in bittersweet sadness-melancholy tenderness

She walks towards the pond, the mask slowly fades away….

All she wanted was someone to hold

The watery mirror reflects the beauty she beholds

One single tear of hope falls into the crystal water

As the ripples fade, she sees my image behind her

I can no longer hide all the love I feel inside

I slowly take my mask off-show her who I really am

I take her hand, lead her in a Moonlight Dance

Her head on my chest, my heart full, reality becomes the dream

Suddenly she stops, and pushes me; away

Her hand touches my face, aching builds up in my heart

Her eyes show love, her devious smile tells another tale

She slowly puts on her mask and walks away……

This is part of a periodic creative writing series by University of Texas Rio Grande Valley students of Jennifer Buentello.