LETTERS: On SB 4 and Hidalgo County former officials

Fight these state laws instead

There are several organizations that have filed lawsuits against the new

SB 4 law (the anti-sanctuary cities law that takes effect on Sept. 1).

I believe those lawsuits are wrong and come at the wrong time.

I hereby humbly suggest the following other lawsuits that could be filed to benefit all Texans — not just illegal immigrants:

>> Abolish the state sales tax , which is a regressive tax that adversely affects the working class.

>> Slash the appraised value on homes by a minimum of 50 percent, so that property taxes could be effectively reduced.

>> Abolish excessive traffic fines, which I believe are unconstitutional.

>> Abolish excessive fees for auto registration renewals and drivers licenses. Don’t we already pay a lot of taxes for gas and aren’t those taxes to be used for highway maintenance?

>> Abolish police departments in our schools because children attending schools are students, not inmates. In the good old days, before 1975 or so, there weren’t police in schools. Discipline and order was maintained by our Anglo, Protestant female teachers and, if needed, by an Anglo, Protestant male school principal who no unruly student in his right mind, would

dare face.

Let not the words and lines I write cause disappointment or dismay. I just believe we need to bring America back again, and, yes, we need to “make America great, again.”

I can only hope that America, our great nation, can continue to be a country united, not one divided by special interest groups.

Juan Del Bosque Jr.,


‘False and misleading’ letter to the editor

This is in response to Ned Sheats’ May 31 “Over the hill gang” letter. I found it to be insulting and a Trump-style attempt at using sensationalism. He put two disjointed statements together to manipulate our reaction. Former Hidalgo County Judge Eloy Pulido and former Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra were referenced along with previous county officials who were under criminal investigation, which neither ever were. Connecting these two ideas is false and misleading.

I also disagree with the premise that if a person has served before, that they are “over the hill.” Previous experience can be a good thing; it is called institutional knowledge. Sometimes, when things are not working, it is of great value to bring someone in who understands what is wrong, has a plan and knows how to fix it. Things like a growing $194 million county budget, with property taxes rising dramatically every year as appraised values increase, but no reduction in our tax rate, just more money put into the general fund for a bigger budget. Things like a $141 million proposed new courthouse.

We need to immediately cut the tax rate by 10 cents, reduce waste and cut the budget by 10 percent, re-evaluate the need, location and cost of a new courthouse, and make sure that the threat of a healthcare district is never again brought before the taxpayers — by adequately funding the indigent healthcare program.

This is what Eloy Pulido is committed to doing. I don’t think these are bad things — it’s what our county needs right now. And remember that Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Donald Trump are all older than Eloy Pulido. They’re people with maturity, ideas and knowledge on how to get things done.

I support Eloy Pulido and I’m glad that he is running. His experience and knowledge are definite positives for me.

Leslie Gower,