McAllen has new plan to notify code violators

McALLEN — In an effort to increase communication between city hall and residents, the health and code department will start leaving door hangers at properties to inform residents of any violations.

Code officers will mark the violation on the door hanger, printed in English and Spanish, to make the resident aware of the concern, the city said in a news release. The door hanger will be used when residents are not home at the time of the officers’ appearance.

This notification will also serve as an initial notice of violation that could become part of a case if the resident does not correct the issue, the city said.

We understand that our residents work, have appointments, are running errands or have other obligations, so they may not be home when our officers are working 8 to 5, Monday through Friday,” said Aaron Salazar, interim director of the McAllen health and code enforcement department. “However, whenever officers see a violation, they want to let our residents know immediately what the issue is, so that they can take corrective action to be in compliance with city ordinances. This leave-behind is a friendly reminder to cut the grass, move cars off of sidewalk, or any other violation that officers may see that will alert residents of the issue.”

The door hanger will include the time and date of the visit, and the officer’s name and phone number.

For more information about McAllen Health & Code Enforcement, call (956) 681-1900. To report violations, residents can call 681-3111 or use the mobile 3-1-1 app for Apple or Android devices.

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