LETTERS: On ‘thorough’ RGV reporting, Good Samaritan and pump safety

‘Thorough reporting’

The Monitor’s reporters do a fine job. As a relocated Valleyite, who subscribes to your online edition, I truly appreciate the thorough reporting done by all of your reporters, but especially that of Michael Rodriguez of the Mid-Valley Town Crier. Most media deservedly receive much criticism today and it is heartening to read Michael’s stories that answer the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. The “five Ws and H” seem to be a forgotten lesson all true journalists were trained to use on every assignment. You also have great photojournalists that capture the visual story to better illustrate these articles.

Thank you, keep up the good work.

Martha Noell, Briarcliff

Grateful for honesty

With so much name-calling and finger pointing happenings in today’s partisan political circles, one could easily become disillusioned with human nature. But a recent event caused me to point my finger at some kind soul and yell out a huge “Thank you!” On March 22 during a trip to Progreso, somewhere between the customs office and my car, I misplaced my green card (permanent residency card.” I am a transplanted Canadian since 2010 living in Wisconsin. As it was a long, difficult and costly process to attain this card, you can imagine my dismay when I discovered it missing on March 24. My wife and I looked everywhere feasible to no available. On March 26 I drove to Progreso and met with wonderful success. Two friendly U.S. Customs officers assisted and the second, after checking the lost and found, handed me my card saying that I had just saved myself $585. Money aside, I can’t help but think of all the hassle I avoided. And as I wonder about all the different things that whoever found this card could have done with it, my heart warms and a smile envelopes as I think: Thank you kind one.

Brian Jones, Mission

Safety at the pumps

Whenever you fill your gas tank, you are asked to turn off your ignition prior to filling. I have found, however, there are many motorists who do not follow this request. Some are getting diesel fuel, which is less dangerous at the pump; however, they are filling their tank near others who are adding volatile gasoline. I have seen videos of service station fires caused by careless drivers who do not realize they are endangering others. This behavior is especially serious in stations where both diesel and gasoline are dispensed from the same pumping station.

It would be nice if motorist would be more considerate of the safety of other customers; either that or we need to return to full-service stations. Alternatively, pumps could have a sound sensor to end the flow of fuel if the engine is running. I would hate to have a large station consumed with fire and explosions caused by a careless motorist.

Auston Cron, Alamo