Some people believe the world lost all its beauty the day we lost our ability to see color. Since then no one spends any time indoors, we all sit at cafés or parks eagerly awaiting for our soulmate in hopes of seeing red for the first time. I walk over to my usual café and I sit in the same chair. The waitress comes over but before she can ask anything I just ask for a coffee. As I wait for my coffee I take a look at the center piece it’s a beautiful rose. Its petals are soft and thin and as I begin to stroke the petals one of them falls off. I stared at it as if it was giving its last breath. I smell the petal and its beautiful scent is just as delicate as its texture. Most of my married or engaged friends always told me a rose is red. They also said that the color red looked bold and powerful. As I lay back on my seat I begin to wonder what the color red tastes like. I pick it up and without anyone looking gently place the petal on my tongue, it had no flavor what so ever. Suddenly I see someone turn the corner I move around in my seat and hope they are the one. No, the whole world is still grey and plain. I had been sitting in this spot for months, eagerly waiting for the right person to show me a new world. Yet I’m still here alone unable to see the beauty of a rose or the bright colors of a rainbow. There are days where I wonder if maybe I was meant to be alone.

This is part of a periodic creative writing series by University of Texas Rio Grande Valley students of Jennifer Buentello.