LETTERS: Reforming health care and Hidalgo Co. Courthouse opposed

Reforming health care

I see our representatives in Congress are arguing over health care, again. If our Congress were subject to the same rules as the rest of us then there would be a solution real quick. But since our representatives have a congressional healthcare plan, they are not subject to Obamacare or Trumpcare.

Why are they so privileged?

I can see why they spend so much of their own money campaigning to be elected. They will receive it back many times over. Politicians should have to live by the same rules as the people they represent

Wes Clemens, Weslaco

Opposing County Courthouse

I salute the humble mayor of Mission, Norbeto “Beto” Salinas. To most of us he’s known simply as Beto. His wisdom has been noticed time and again. Recently, regarding the issue of funding a $150 million new Hidalgo County Courthouse, Beto suggested that it be taken to a vote of the people. We, the people of Hidalgo County, do not need to be strapped with a new large add on tax base. No thanks! Not now, anyway. Yes, the courthouse in Edinburg is old and beaten, however we are not living in the best of times right now. Perhaps 10 years down the road build it. The taxpayers in this county do not need the burden of this new entity.

Some criticize that Beto’s new stadium project is costing $16 million. But this is a far cry from $150 million. Do the math. Hurray to Beto: Your head is still a good one and we thank you.

William W. Tehan, Mission


Regarding the May 14 editorial calling for a town hall meeting on the new courthouse: Oh my, another public town hall meeting! My friends I have attended town hall meetings hosted by The Monitor and other media. Without exception they were full of sound and furry and signified practically nothing. Most were presented with an initial agenda either for or against the item. Most required questions submitted in advance for editing and then only the most innocuous were asked. And answers were scant. Friends: This courthouse has been under study since 2010. By now, every commissioner and the county judge should know the goals, costs, and probable tax increases like the hairs on the back of their hands or they are not doing their job.

We don’t need a new court house we need more efficient utilization of the south half where, between the front door and the County Clerks area there seem to be on any day and at any time, at least 20 clerks associated with various courts waiting for any citizen to serve. Pictures are available upon request.

At the worst, we need to add to the courthouse. At best, we need some modern thinking that adds to and puts more staff in the precinct offices including a district judge. Judges or their clerks should go to the jail, where I hear there are facilities built just for them. That’s better than transporting security risks to and from the courthouse. A modern digital AV system could put any judge, clerk, court reporter, defendant, lawyers, and jury fact to face without having to go to Edinburg.

For those who might think there is justification for a $120 to $140 million courthouse please remember that, out of 3,144 U.S. counties, the average income in Hidalgo County is 3,091 or 53rd from the bottom and in Texas 3rd from the bottom. Can you afford it even if it is needed? Do we need town hall meetings to convince us? I think not. A chance to vote on it is sufficient.

Ned Sheats, Mission