She is fierce

She is love,

She is not about to

give up,

Her bones are stories

of Ana.

Another tube, another needle, another meal,

White coats say Ana never leaves. Though she doesn’t believe one day she says,

“I will be free.”

Home of bones,

Home of white coats,

Home of delightful tiny waists,

Home of happy dead cases faces of beauty, no round faces, no happy honest

Smiles and no pearl like teeth, no mirrors please. One day she says,

“I will be free.”

How much longer?

A place she calls home,

A place where death lingers no feminine curls. No rosy cheeks all is lost but happy

To her is being slim. Another meal another promise, to keep another

tube another needle will her end be near? Mommy she

says “don’t worry my waist is now small”, though she is tired she says

“One day I will be free.”

“No food this time,” she begs please,

She must keep her pretty, she must keep

her ribs.

Carrots are her death, though they don’t understand.

Why can’t they see the reflection in the mirror that she sees. She must keep her pretty she begs; she must not eat.

Bones of steel rip her skin and her daddy he says “Have no fear because you are saved.”

Her daddy’s says, “It will all be done in Jesus name.”

Her pretty girl will come home one day. Her daddy, she says is “is full of faith.”

Another meal, she is


Another pound, she is fierce

Another needle, she is fierce

And she says “Am I out of the woods yet? Daddy she says, “Keep praying for me.”

Because one day she says,

“I wanna be free.”

Another month, the wolves are gone, the trees begin to grow, green

leafs surround her. The round moon now shines,

and her round face glows, no more skeleton trees the white coats say

“She is free.”

This is part of a periodic creative writing series by University of Texas Rio Grande Valley students of Jennifer Buentello.